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Hnivan and Selyshche are near each other, but in modern Hnivan people began to settle in the 1870s, when a railway was laid here. There are the ruins of a sugar refinery, and both buildings look fascinating. In Hnivan, the Riv River, which flows through Bar, flows into the Pivdennyi Buh. Here is a picturesque island at the confluence of rivers. You can see it from the bridge across the Riv. The village of Mohylivka begins after this bridge. Not far from this village is an old flooded quarry with a cool beach. There is also a spring nearby in the forest.

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27, 32 км
Hnivan Town Hospital, 1 Marii Kovach St
Hvivan Outpatient Clinic, 89 Soborna St
Pharmacy, 70 Soborna St
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St. Joseph Sanctuary
Hetman Hotel&Restaurant, 7a Pryvoksalna St
Hnivan Public Library, 56 Soborna St
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St. Joseph Sanctuary

In 1903-1906, a neo-Gothic church designed by Felix Olshansky was built in Hnivan through the efforts of priests Francis Szymkus, Jan Baranovsky, founder Karolina Yaroshinska, and local parishioners. On September 14, 1906, the church was consecrated under the title of St. Joseph. With the establishment of Soviet power in 1935, the church was closed. All liturgical stuff was confiscated, the bells named after Sigmund and Caroline, and the Cross were removed. In 1958 the Hnivan bearing factory was located in the building, having undergone reconstruction and dividing it into four floors. In 1992 the renovation and restoration of the church were begun under the authority of bishop Jacek Pyl. It was restored to its original form. The tower is equipped with an analog of the original clock with chimes. On March 16, 2019, Bishop Leon Dubravsky proclaimed The Church a functioning sanctuary.

The Church of the Intercession in Demydivka

It was built in 1909 in the Neo-Byzantine style. About two dozen types of brickwork were used during the construction. In Soviet times, the church was the functioning one, so people from all over the region came here to have their religious ceremonies. On the web, you may find false information that this church dates back to 1722. As Demydivka is known since the 16th century, the churches have been replacing each other for centuries here. Probably it is about the previous, wooden church, replaced by a brick one in 1909. The same church in the Vinnytsia region may be seen in the village of Cherepashyntsy near Pogrebyshche. Apparently, both temples were built by the same builders and in accordance with the same architectural project.

Staryi Zamok Hotel
17 Yaroshynskoho St
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Hetman Hotel
7а Pryvokzalna St
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Premier Restaurant
45 Soborna St
Hetman Restaurant
7а Pryvokzalna St
Temporarily closed
Staryi Zamok Restaurant
17 Yaroshynskoho St