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Small Vinkivtsi lies on the steep banks of the Kalius River. The city was first mentioned in 1493. Later it was owned by various Polish families, and a representative of one of them, whose name is Sofia Zamikhovska, widow of the Voivode of Podillya Stanisław Lanckoroński, founded a monastery of the Franciscan Order in the city. In 1863, another owner of Vinkivtsi, Karol Kosielski, built a palace here in the style of an Italian villa. As a matter of fact, this palace is almost the only ancient monument in the city.

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27,1 km
Pharmacy #12, 13/2 Zhovtneva St
Pharmacy, 12/5 Zhovtneva St
Vinkivtsi Hospital, 6 Pershotravneva St
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Central library 6 Zaslavska Street 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday - closed
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Kosielski Palace
—One of the buildings of the local hospital is the palace of Karol Kosielski, heavily rebuilt by the communists. He received Vinkivtsi as a dowry of his wife Maria Skibnevska, the daughter of a rich man from Nove Porichya. The palace, built around 1863 in the «Italian style» by an unknown architect, was surrounded by a magnificent park, which, however, did not block the beautiful view of the Kolius River valley. Next to the manor yard was a later Officer (XVIII), which probably belonged to the Gumetskys; an exquisite gate with a guardhouse led to the territory. The last owners of the manor were three sons of Maria and Karol: Mechyslav, Bronislav and Karol. They owned Vinkivtsi until 1921. The building stands on a hill: on one side it has two, and on the other one it has three floors. In the 70s, when the hospital was opened here, the interiors of the monument were completely destroyed, as well as the magnificent tower and entrance with columns were dismantled. Also, the park and its buildings have not been preserved at all.
Hotel «Sofia»
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Hotel «Sofia»
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