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Like other settlements in the south of Podillya, it was first mentioned at the beginning of the 15th century, when there were Lithuanians. Despite the fact that many interesting architectural monuments were lost in communist times, two old Polish estates have been preserved in Dunaivtsi. Less well-known today is the hospital. It comes from the 19th century and could belong to both Krasinski and Skibnevski, from which they acquired the Dunaivtsi. Although the building is larger than the first Palace, its architecture is less interesting. Inside, the wooden vestibule of the main entrance and stairs have survived. In the center near the stadium there is a Former Capuchin monastery. Now it is an Orthodox Church. According to the order's tradition, the Dunai monastery was modest. At the invitation of Crown Hetman Józef Potocki, the monks arrived in the city in 1751 and settled in wooden buildings. There is also Museum of local lore and a Nature Museum in Dunaivtsi, as well as an interesting Lutheran Church which was built during the Independence. It stands almost opposite the park and the Krasinski Palace.

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Dunaivtsi Hospital, 7 Horkoho St
Pharmacy, 59/4 Shevchenka St
Pharmacy, 47 Shevchenka St
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Tourism&Local Lore Center, 22/2 Krasinskych St
Liz Hotel, 3/1 Proletarska St
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Krasiński Palace

Approximately in 1782, the Opinogura starosta Jan Krasiński bought Dunaivtsi from Potocki. Krasiński began the stay of his descendants in this town. Inside the Krasiński Palace now you can find the House of culture. The main facade with a portico supported by two columns has remained unchanged, inside only the stairs have survived from the old days. Probably, the palace was built at the beginning of the 19th century by the son of Jan Krasiński — Vincent. For numerous battles conducted as part of Napoleon's troops, he received the rank of Brigadier General in 1813. He was the father of one of the three greatest Polish poets of the Romantic era — Zyhmunt Krasinskyi. Undoubtedly, this novelist has repeatedly visited the family palace in Dunaivtsy.

St Michael Archangel Church

The first stone Roman Catholic Church in the city appeared at the beginning of the 17th century at the expense of the Koniecpolski. It was thoroughly repaired after a hundred years. This church became the Tomb of the Krasiński and the Czacki families. In the church were their tombstones made of white marble, created by the Italian Carlo Albachchini in the Canova style in the first half of the 19th century. In Soviet times, the church was destroyed. The current Catholic Church with the same name is located on the territory of the old cemetery. It began to be built in 1989 through the efforts of priest Yosyp Chop when the oppression of religion eased. The construction of the new church was completed in 1994.

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BeSt Hotel&Restaurant
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